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Ed Inloes

It was a cool spring night in 1988 that Ed first met the person who would open all the early doors for him as a spokesman for local short track racing. Greg Yost and Ed became best friends after their acquaintance that night. Greg learned of Ed’s love for the sport, how he grew up at Auto City &Dixie Speedways, and worked concessions at both tracks for 8 years as a child. How he had spent the last ten years watching racing everywhere he could, paying special attention to his home tracks. Ed started doing a live radio broadcast from Auto City Speedway with Greg in 1988.This would be his
introduction to announcing. When the show ended in 1990, he followed Greg to Owosso Speedway where Greg was the new PA announcer. He assisted Greg in gathering information, filled in on the mic when needed, and learned the tradeand honed his skills through this time. In 1998, things really begin to happen. Ed started writing for the Late Model Digest, and was quickly given his own column. In 2000, he became the PA announcer and assistant GM at Owosso Speedway. He held that position until accepting the PA announcer positions at Spartan & Springport Speedways in 2003.

Also in 2000, he became a columnist for the Michigan Racing Scene and held that position until the weekly periodical folded in 2015. He has hosted, and co-hosted numerous radio shows since 1998, including a 10 year run with Larry Loynes on Race Talk, until Larry’s passing in 2016. He has interviewed over 1,000 drivers and dignitariesfrom all levels of racing, from all over the country. Hehas also been a
committee member of the MSTRC Charity Bowling Tournament raising thousands of dollars for different racing families that have fallen on hard times for one reason or another. This charity is now in the hands of the MARFC which he is still a part of. He is an announcer, writer, radio show host, and all around ambassador for local short track racing, yet feels that he is just another race fan!!!
He was the recipient of the 2008 Tom Carnaige Announcer of the Year award, the 2009 Mick Schuler Media Award and the 2012 MARFC Writer of the Year Award. He was voted best track announcer, and favorite columnist in the People’s Choice Awards numerous times through the Midwest Racing Scene.He is one of the most recognized PA announcers (voices) in the State of Michigan. He has worked, or filled in at almost every short track facility in the state. He has never taken a college course, or had any kind of formal training in any of the roles he has filled over the years. His ability to do all these different types of jobs comes from his love and knowledge of the sport.

The spring of 2021 will bring Ed back around full circle as he starts a new adventure with Dixie Speedway, as his 17 years at Spartan came to an end with the sale of the speedway in 2020. 50 years ago he was selling Marc Times and popcorn in the grandstands at Dixie. Now, he’ll be the track announcer. With absolute dedication to the sport (has viewed racing at over 130 different race tracks), and the achievements he has made, along with the spotless reputation he has built in the industry, and his willingness to help others, Ed Inloes has more than earned his place as a member of the MMSHOF.

1970 – 1978 - Worked concessions at Dixie & Auto City Speedways
1988 – 1990 – Co-hosted live race coverage from Auto City on WACY 1130AM
1990 – 1998 – Apprentice/assistant Announcer at Owosso Speedway
1998 – 2004 – Writer & Columnist for Late Model Digest
1998 – 2002 – Host Owosso Speedway Radio show
2000 Co announcer at Dixie Speedway
2000 – 2002 - PA announcer and Asst. GM Owosso Speedway
2002 – 2006 – Host Racing Radio shows for WTRX 1330 AM
2000 - 2015 – Columnist for Midwest Racing Scene
2003 – 2009 - PA announcer for Springport Speedway
2009 – 2010 – Co announcer at Auto City Speedway
2006 – 2016 – Co-host of radio show, Race Talk 1470 AM
2002 – Present – Committee member Annual MSTRC/MARFC Charity Bowling
2003 – 2020 – PA announcer for Spartan Speedway
2014 – Present – PA announcer at Owosso Speedway
2020 – Present – PA announcer at The Dixie @ Birch Run Event Center.
2021 – Present – Contributor to Horsepower Happenings Website